A Dietitian is a health professional who has a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Nutrition and Dietetics; it takes at least four years of full-time study🎓 at a university to qualify as a Dietitian.  We have also completed internship in an hospital setting which is usually at least one year long and passed a board examination to be able to have the RDN credentials.
Many Dietitians further their knowledge by pursuing a master’s or Doctoral degree. 👓🎓Dietitians apply the science of nutrition to promote health, treat and prevent malnutrition and provide therapeutic dietary guidelines for patients, clients and the public in health and illness.🐠🐟🍞🥖🥕🥑🥦🥥🍍

In addition, The American Dietetic Association ADA) expresses that registered dietitians are the food and nutrition experts’ who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. .

There are many people out there that call themselves “nutritionists” 😩, many people claim to be experts in nutrition yet have very limited knowledge and do not offer protection to the public

What do dietitians do in specific?
1. They evaluate nutritional status of individuals and provide nutrition guidance and consulting to individuals, government and the media.
2. They Aid in the prevention and/or treatment of inadequate nutrition, over nutrition and obesity.
3. They develop a meal pattern and lifestyle modifications for different individuals to suit different conditions which includes the diabetic , renal disorders , hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism ,liver disorders , pediatric malnutrition , wasting , stunting , marasmus , cancer , postoperative patients , food intolerances , food allergies , pulmonary diseases , obesity amongst others . .
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Image source: eatright.org

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