We offer the following services

Dietary Consulting Services ​

we offer a range of consulting services from pediatrics to adults

Speaking Engagements

we offer to speak on a variety of trending, engaging and informative topics tailored to meet the needs of the target audience

Dietetics Kitchen

we have a fully functional dietetics kitchen, which seeks to cater for the meal needs of different people and whatever condition they have


Before your first consultation, you will receive a free mini consultation via email. This will be inform of a short questionnaire, which include your details: age, health condition, food frequency, anthropometric measurement, medical history, diet history to help infer diagnosis.  

This is followed by an Initial Consultation, which is an hour session that involves a physical assessment, meal patterns, eating habits and lifestyle (depending on your location, we offer both virtual & physical session).

We provide measuring tools and other equipment required to monitor and maintain your progress.

For every of our clients, we do a minimum of 3months follow-up that also include meal adjustment to accommodate changes.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
“Garbage in Garbage out”
George Fuechsel
“From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health”
Catalan Proverb
“He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors”
Chinese Proverb
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Diabetes scare

I was pre diabetic when the doctor told me to watch what I eat and use diet as a means to control my blood sugar. I sort of started doing my own diet plan at home but then I was thinking that is not sustainable. Then suddenly I came across askddietitians page on IG and the first thing that cut my attention was the fact that you can eat everything....everything was about proportion! I thought to myself hmmm that’s interesting let me give it a try. I reached out and customer service was excellent and prompt. I’m a working nursing mother, so I’m always missing her call but she remained persistent!In the end, my blood sugar is controlled and within normal range. I can’t thank Adeola enough for making this happen

Type 2 Diabetes

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and I was scared that I might not he able to  live a normal life because of the stories I've heard about diabetes. My friend and wellness coach reached out to me about talking to a Registered Dietitian and I agreed. Adeola was amazing from the first day. She kept tabs on me making sure I was feeling fine and not over doing anything that would jeopardise my health further. It was a simple plan and I followed it diligently until one day, I randomly checked my sugar and it was at 5.6mmol from 12.7mmol (normal values should be less than 7). I was excited and I have followed it through to this day. Thank you Adeola, you are a Godsent.

by Olanike on Blank Business Name
Health scare

Around February this year, I had gone to the hospital for a persistent chest pain that I had been having, Doctor ordered a series of test to be carried out to ascertain what was causing the pain, whilst I waited for results. He commented also that I was Obese and that could cause some problems. It was too much that day, I heard about Askddietitian from a friends page on Instagram, I contacted them and was placed on 3months plan at first. From someone that has done a lot of yoyo dieting in the past, Adeola was sympathetic with me regarding my health conditions, gave me access to foods that I thought I couldn’t do without, but insisted I eat them in moderation. The Best honestly!!!!The weekly follow up too was great as well. Thanks Adeola

PCOS help

I was diagnosed with PCOS and needed help with a personalized meal plan. I spoke to Askdietitian and honestly she was easy to work with and professional. She spoke to me, educated me on food groups, went over my current meals, likes and dislikes and drafted a personalized meal plan. Her services are excellent.

PCOS help

I needed help with a meal plan for my hormonal condition (PCOS), we had a very thorough session that included my likes, dislikes and goals and a meal plan was created for me and I really needed one to help with balancing my hormones

by Mrs O. on Blank Business Name
Excellent Service

We consulted Askdietician because of my Dad, Their service was excellent and my mum liked the consultation calls and meal plan.

by Debbie on Blank Business Name
Control of diabetes with diet

My mum has been battling diabetes for a couple of years. It had been a different complaint everyday. Sugar level kept going up, night fevers etc. Her medication weren’t really doing it and she was a careless eater so I thought getting a professional to help her with her diet will make her more disciplined and it did. I remember watching Adeola on ebony live tv a while back so I thought to contact her. I did and she was simply amazing. She drew up a meal plan and made sure to always check in on my mum. She was available to answer all the questions she had and even gave her recipes of some meals she couldn’t make. My mums sugar level has dropped down to 6 and night fevers are no longer a thing. I’m really thankful to Adeola and I totally recommend her for great results

Blood sugar level/ diabetes

My mum has been battling with diabetes for years now, so I desperately needed help with how she could manage it. Deola reached out to my mom, per my request. She provided a meal plan that has significantly made changes to her sugar level. This is the first time , for a week that she hasn’t complained about it. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate you.

by Adedayo on Blank Business Name
Consultation with Askddietician

After a careful consideration of several options, I opted for the services of Praadomdietary (Askdietician) to consult for my diabetic Dad...Several weeks into the programme, she constantly and patiently followed up to ensure that he kept to his diet, encouraging him also to take his medications recommended by his Doctor, she also provided answers to any of our concerns. Her effort and our commitment gave us huge results! His numbers gradually crashed from 164g/dL to 95g/dL! He has been able to maintain this over about six months!It has been a tremendous journey with Adeola. I will recommend her services as she is totally sold out to ensure that results are achieved in record time.

by Olabomi on Blank Business Name
Dietary control of Blood Sugar

The service of a dietitian became neccessary due to borderline blood sugar reading,I needed a quick dietary intervention.I contacted Askdietitian on instagram,got a world class professional service from Praadom Dietary. Personalised service ,creation of menu plans at different stages of the programme and adequate follow-up.Thank God my numbers are very good, back to normal range and I didn't have to go on medications.Thank you. I recommend her services.

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